Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stand Out About College?

College is a word that is very important to me and my future goals. College is somewhere that I have always dreamed about going. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has been my first choice of college since I was in the 10th grade of high school. When you think about UTK, you should think about white and orange. When I think about college, a great number things pop up into my head. The first thing that pops in my head is my plans for the next four years that I will be enrolled in the institute. My plans for the future is get involved with the campus, get accepted into the Accountant program, and graduate college with honors and a 3.5 GPA. On the other hand, there are some pitfalls to college that comes to my mind, as well. Parting, studying, becoming homesick, and being another statistic are the things that scares me about college. Overall, the whole college experience is the main thing that stands out about college.

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  1. I understand your fears, but know that you have control over your destiny here and beyond. You can control how much you party and what you GPA is and whether you get accepted into the Accounting program.

    I am so confident that you will accomplish every goal you set for yourself and then some! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. One good thing is that since you are from Chattanooga you are pretty close to home and can go visit your friends and family whenever you like.