Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Experience in UT Lead

I have been on the campus of The University of Tennessee at Knoxville for three weeks and two days now. I have two more weeks to go. While on this campus, I have learned a great number of things. I have learned where most of the things are located, so in the Fall I will not be one of the lost freshmen walking around campus. Attending this program gave me a head start on learning about college. I got involved in the EAP program, which is an organization that helps students with many different aspects of college, such as studying habits. I am very happy that I came to the UT Lead program because it is a great experience and will be very helpful to me in the Fall.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services

Over the last couple of days, I was at Career Services in Dunford Hall. I learned several things while I was there. One thing I learned was that I am a social person and I thought the total opposite. Once I realized that I like to help and talk to people, I figured out that I was social after all. Something that I learned from my interest test is that I should, and have decided, to major in Accounting. Some people said that my major is going to change at least once while I'm in college, but I do not believe that I will change my major because of my results from my interest test. Overall, the Career Services was helpful.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stand Out About College?

College is a word that is very important to me and my future goals. College is somewhere that I have always dreamed about going. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has been my first choice of college since I was in the 10th grade of high school. When you think about UTK, you should think about white and orange. When I think about college, a great number things pop up into my head. The first thing that pops in my head is my plans for the next four years that I will be enrolled in the institute. My plans for the future is get involved with the campus, get accepted into the Accountant program, and graduate college with honors and a 3.5 GPA. On the other hand, there are some pitfalls to college that comes to my mind, as well. Parting, studying, becoming homesick, and being another statistic are the things that scares me about college. Overall, the whole college experience is the main thing that stands out about college.